Through the Snow and Pine Branches Fairycore Cottagecore Princesscore Corset Top

Through the Snow and Pine Branches Fairycore Cottagecore Princesscore Corset Top

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Plus sizes are available for this design!

Our top collection at Starlight Fair seeks to portray the playfulness of princesscore, cottagecore, fairycore, and kawaii aesthetics to give you practical and beautiful clothing pieces to cherish and wear as you become the best version of yourself!

Material: Polyester

Size in cm

Waistline of corset: 53cm
Suitable for natural waist: 50-55cm
Suitable for natural bust: 70-75cm
Bust of corset: 70cm
Weight for height 150-169cm: 40-42.5kg
Corset length: 28cm

Waistline of corset: 58cm
Suitable for natural waist: 55-60cm
Suitable for natural bust: 75-80cm
Bust of corset: 75cm
Weight for height 150-169cm: 42.5-45kg
Corset length: 28cm

Waistline of corset: 63cm
Suitable for natural waist: 60-65cm
Suitable for natural bust: 80-85cm
Bust of corset: 80cm
Weight for height 150-169cm: 45-47.5kg

Waistline of corset: 68cm
Suitable for natural waist: 65-70cm
Suitable for natural bust: 85-90cm
Bust of corset: 85cm
Weight for height 150-169cm: 47.5-52.5kg

Waistline of corset: 72cm
Suitable for natural waist: 70-75cm
Suitable for natural bust: 90-95cm
Bust of corset: 90cm
Weight for height 150-169cm: 52.5-57.5kg

Waistline of corset: 77cm
Suitable for natural waist: 75-80cm
Suitable for natural bust: 95-100cm
Bust of corset: 95cm
Weight for height 150-169cm: 57.5-62.5kg

Waistline of corset: 82cm
Suitable for natural waist: 80-85cm
Suitable for natural bust: 100-105cm
Bust of corset: 100cm
Weight for height 150-169cm: 62.5-67.5kg

Waistline of corset: 87cm
Suitable for natural waist: 85-90cm
Suitable for natural bust: 105-110cm
Bust of corset: 105cm
Weight for height 150-169cm: 67.5-72.5kg


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