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Kawaii Aesthetic 

Inspired by Japanese pop culture, the kawaii aesthetic focuses on all things cute and endearing. Drawing fashion from anime, manga, as well as staple features of Japanese culture such as sakura cherry blossoms and cuisine, kawaii aesthetics also draw heavily from cute animals such as bunnies, cats, and more. Magical girls, maids, and tasty treats such as sweet beverages and pastries are also common symbols found in kawaii clothing. 

Cottagecore Aesthetic

The cottagecore aesthetic draws its freshness from simple rural life. The "cottage" in cottagecore invites lovers of the aesthetic to emulate a pure life lived in a quaint cottage in a woodland clearing, or in a small English village lined with hollyhocks and lavender where everyone knows everyone and seasonal festivals are a common occurrence. Forest critters and farm animals are popular symbols of this aesthetic. 

Fairycore / Fairy Grunge Aesthetic

Both fairycore and fairy grunge aesthetics draw their beauty from the enchantment of childhood's fairytales, and the rawness of nature. Like cottagecore, woodland creatures are common to this aesthetic, as well as motifs like butterflies, flowers, and celestial bodies.

Dark Fairycore Aesthetic 

The dark fairycore aesthetic uses shades of black, grey, and red and is closely related to goth/gothic and punk aesthetics. Lace, ribbon, and hardware and studs are usually found in clothing pieces and accessories. Motifs liken back to gothic and baroque manors at night, twisting roses and damask, velvet and subtle luxury are all key aspects of this look.

Princesscore Aesthetic

Princesscore generally favors shades of pink, white, gold, and cream, though stately and classic, regal designs can make use of any color and still be classified under this aesthetic. Princesscore draws its charm from the appearance of enchanted palaces, neoclassical design, high tea parties, ribbons, pearls, cameos, intricately patterned or draping fabrics, ruffles and more.