Welcome to Starlight Fair's Celestial Times - Starlight Fair

Welcome to Starlight Fair's Celestial Times

Welcome! It seems you've stumbled upon Starlight Fair's official blog and newsletter, the Celestial Times! It's good news, too, as in it we'll feature information to entertain and delight you, from aesthetics discussion, to lifestyle tips for those who love all things cottagecore, fairycore, and princesscore, and more! This is your best place to get the latest news on the Fair's whereabouts, such as when new collections are released and more. We welcome you to our community (be sure to take a seat and pick up a cup of tea- you might yourself quite intruiged and stay longer than you thought)!
Here are just some of the features that we will share with you during your stay:
Enchanted Exploits- learn everything there is to know about Starlight Fair's shop as soon as it becomes available! 

Coupon Ticket Tours- reveal secrets on how to get rewarded for your love of cottagecore and all things pretty!

Featured Fairgoers- see beautiful portraits of Fairgoers from Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and beyond!

Trends and Trimmings- discover unique ideas to inspire your wardrobe!
Romanticising Life- uncover historical and magical lifestyle tips and tricks to romanticize your life! 

We'll do our best to add new content to give your life a little more glamour and charm. Until next time! 

Fly High!

Starlight Fair
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